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stuart-gross-eavStuart has been passionate about holistic health for over 10 years. His first experience of alternative medicine was when, after many months of unsuccessful conventional treatment, his six year old son was helped almost overnight with his eczema by a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in London. His son dramatically improved and Stuart was impressed and intrigued.

Years before, his father had died of diabetes and heart disease at the young age of 54 from what Stuart began to realize had been lifestyle diseases, easily preventable with the right information. At the time, he was completely shocked by the medical treatment and advice his father had received and was determined not to go the same way. Later, he determined to find out more about why people get sick and to find natural ways to get well and prevent sickness.

Stuart had started out working as a tool and die-marker, and eventually became an auto mechanic with his own repair garage. But he always felt unfulfilled in his work. In the 1980s, he combined his passion for cars and making things with his own hands when he began assembling replica kit cars for clients. But soon, seeing how poorly engineered they were, he decided to set up a business manufacturing his own kit car, a replica of the Lancia Stratos, which he called the ‘Allora’. He loved building the cars but still felt something was lacking in his life.


In helping people overcome their health challenges, Stuart has found his true calling.

Shortly after moving to Canada in 1991, Stuart’s father-in-law died from the side effects of the drugs taken for his rheumatoid arthritis while his son continued to benefit from traditional Chinese Medicine. Seeing an unfortunate pattern in the healthcare of his father and father-in-law, and the reality of alternative healthcare with his son, Stuart embarked on a course of action he has always followed – to improve upon an existing system and make it work better. He then decided to take a course in nutrition with the Alive Academy. He discovered that he had a real affinity for the work, and began volunteering with Croft Woodruff, the well-known nutritionist and radio broadcaster, at his Vancouver health store. After this, Stuart found full time work in a Vancouver health store and, using his skills as a technician, began using Biological Terrain Assessment to improve the services he could provide to his clients, and attending numerous health-related seminars and courses.

stuart-gross-eavIn 2000, Stuart began his own health-consulting business attached to Marks Plaza Pharmacy in Vancouver, using a variety of equipment, including live blood analysis, Aqua Chi, far infrared sauna, EAV (Electro Acupuncture) and Bio-resonance therapy. In the fall of 2005, Stuart opened Yaletown Holistics in Vancouver to expand the services he wanted to offer.

Stuart has taken a number of courses relating to his German-made Bio Resonance equipment in Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, and San Francisco, and is an Advanced Practitioner in EAV. Stuart jokes that he used to fix cars and now he fixes people! What began as an effort to improve the health of his own family has led to him to help countless others.

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